Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So Far. So Great.

Between my cross-training, and now...dare I say it...running, I've been doing great.
Nearly 90 miles for the month of April and no signs of pain from my left leg, and no signs of slowing down either. I don't want to be premature in saying this, but I might just have to change my "skeletor" banner pretty soon if this keeps up.

Lotsa stuff happening in the news of late both local and abroad. First off, the $8 congestion pricing bill was killed in Albany. In fact, they didn't even vote on it. Bloomberg was pretty pissed off, citing that the "cowardice of those responsible in Albany will not be forgotten". I guess no one wants to take a position on anything that could come back to bite them in the ass.

I was sad to see Charlton Heston pass away this week. Poor Charlie. Loved him in the Omega Man, but perhaps one of my favorite lines of all time was, "Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty ape." Although he was a great actor, I think he started to lose it when he became the President of the NRA. Frankly, I think he thought he was living out some macho movie, but you gotta love Charlie for his stoic like behavior. My old man, who cannot stand him, weeped for him I'm sure (NOT).

I still remember when I, as a joke, sent him an actual model figure of Charlton Heston. He got it for his birthday, in fact (seems like I'm doing something funny to him every year for his b-day...look at the previous Well, he took that action figure and attached a piece of rope from the ceiling around his neck. Later that year (back in 1996), I went to visit him, and saw the disgrace before my eyes. Tsk Tsk.
Heston and his hairy love.

In other events, I think this might be a first, but it appears that we had our first terrorist event at a marathon. A suicide bomber killed 14 people at an opening ceremony for a marathon Sunday, including a government minister who was nearing the starting line with a flag and a former Olympian. More than 90 others were wounded in the attack.

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