Sunday, April 6, 2008

Holding Up Well

Every Sunday my caloric intake surpasses my allotment. 1 day out of 7 days would not be so bad, and so far, I've actually lost weight and with my kids with me too. I weighed myself this morning and I'm at the incredible new low of 155.4! And just to prove I'm not depriving myself, I had 1750 of my 1950 calories yesterday. Above all else, I need to make sure my body does not enter "starvation" mode, and to do that I need to make sure I eat as close to my daily caloric limit as possible. Losing weight is good, provided I don't lose it too fast.

Yesterday, I did pounded out 10 miles on the elliptical and finished it with 2 easy miles on the treadmill at 6mph. I felt good, and went on to use some exercise equipment before they literally kicked me out (the gym closes at 8pm) on Saturday. Making progress on my ab machine now too. I can do 100 reps x 65 pounds without taking any breaks.

We had a new member join us in this morning's run. His name is John and he recently relocated from Ontario. He denies this, but I happen to think he's got a lot of promise. I had to struggle to keep up with him, and he even talked the whole time (just like me!). He's actually on the north side of the park, like myself. He actually lives in the same buildings (Parker Towers) where one of my first girlfriends, Dominique Jezequel, lived. Boy, the stories I have to tell about that one. I was 12 years old. Let's just leave it at that.

Anyway, John and I took off so quickly, that I barely got to say goodbye to my other comrades. I learned he is in insurance. Based on the training speed, I felt like asking him if he had a life insurance policy he could sell me (lol). We parted ways at Woodhaven Boulevard, and I continued across the boulevard and did final mile through the south side of the park and back. All told, the six miles I ran today was the longest since my prognosis last month. And to tell you the truth, I still feel great, even as I write this now some 4 hours later.

Jack gave us a flyer today for the Alley Pond Striders 5 Mile Challenge. I took a look at the entry form, and know the course very well. In fact, in a few of the times that I ran with the Quantuum folks, we actually ran through the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway through Alley Pond. Not only did I love that run, but it reminded me when I was a young kid, and my parents had me in day camp over there too. I definitely plan on running this race. It's on April 27th, so I'll be sending in my application in tomorrow. Also, I might get to meet some of the Alley Pond Striders. I already know Noelia and would like to meet "Terrier Tracks" (she knows who she is...she's got her own blog too!)

I'm leaving soon to take Matthew to his baseball practice. The skies are threatening over here, and I still have to get him an athletic cup, lol, before we arrive at the diamond. I had him practice his "Where's the Play CD", plus we were playing MLB Show on the PS3. He loves it, and I think it's helping him to see a clearer picture about the roles of each of the positional players, and the psychology of a pitcher (when to throw balls, strikes, etc, based on the count). I really just want him to have fun more than anything else, but if he decides down the road to follow up with this sport, I would love to see him become a big-league starting picture. He has a good throw, and a decent aim too. Right now, his hitting is his best. Fielding? He still needs a lot of work, but he'll get there if he wants to.

As for me, my baseball "days" are over. All I've got are my Mets, my MLB '08 The Show game on PS3, and a free fantasy draft league I did on MLB.COM. And that reminds me...I need to get my lineup in !

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DebbieJRT said...

Glad to have you join us on 'the green line'. I look forward to meeting you!