Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two Kings and a Crown.

Tonight I saw two more movies. You can tell, it't Oscar season, huh?

The two movies I saw were the King Of California & the Kingdom.

The Kingdom (2007)
Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman

This movie has a solid cast. It's like a mix between long CSI episode and Behind Enemy Lines. The writing was not bad, the action was very well done, and the message
that it delivers is definitely potent, regardless of the violence. It was definitely well done, and enjoyable to watch. And yes, there is gore, but what do you expect when dealing with terrorists. It looks like this was filmed on location, which is amazing all its own. Jennifer Garner looks like her old self from the Alias. Good movie. No wait. Almost a great movie. A definite must see on DVD, don't wait too long to pick this up at your local Blockbuster or through your Netflix.
Rating: 7 out of 10 Gonzos.

King Of California (2007)
Michael Douglas,Evan Rachel Wood.

This movie sucked. It was like watching an ABC Afterschool Special with an occasional curse here and there. The ending was (and yes, I'm spoiling this for you because I wish to spare you the horrid waste of time) one of the most unrealistic endings of all time. All I have to ask is, how come the police didn't send a search crew to rescue Douglas at the end. Gimme A Break! The only redeeming quality of this movie was Evan Rachel Wood. Wow wee! What a nice piece of eye candy she is! But as I write this, I realize that she married Marilyn Manson, who is about 19 years older than her. What a waste! Evan, you are beautiful and you can do better!
By the way, did I mention that this movie really sucks ass? DO NOT RENT THIS.
Rating: 2 out of 10 Gonzos. ( 1 for each of Evan's beautiful eyes ).

Left a little early, after working since 6:30am today, and took Ily to Cabanas ( ). While we waited (and we waited, let me tell you), we had a some drinks at the bar. Having had my first "Mohito" at La Bodeguita Del Medio", a Cuban restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico last October, I was really looking to try it again. And I must say, the Mohitos that I was served tonight were sensational. I tried the classic mohito, a pomegranate mohito, and capped it off with a raspberry mohito. Yes, I know. The calories. But we split one appetizer and one dinner. We left there nice and happy, and better hangover!

Earlier in the day, Ily had received a little surprise at her job. I bought her a beautiful combination of flowers and red roses, along with a teddy bear, and had them delivered to her office.. Later on she mentioned that I spent too much. Although she played it down when I mentioned it, I think all women like to feel like they've been remembered, especially when in front of others. I was also treated to a special gift from her. A men's Movado watch, certificate of authenticity and all. It was a great gift, that I will treasure it for a long time!

I forgot to mention. I got my Certificate of Completion of the 2007 NYC Marathon. It came along with a letter that starts off by saying,

"You are amazing. Congratulations on finishing the ING New York City Marathon 2007."


DGA said...

1.- Who gives a shit about "The King of California"? I thought it was Schwatzeneger, anyway!
2.- Keep drinking Mohitos and your running will suffer "Muchito".
3.- Nice gesture, the $100 Valentine Ripoff Flowers! Did they last till today?
4.- The Movado, however, great gift. Could last forever. I am practical.
5.- How was the noise decibels degree at La Cabana? Good food, yes, but could you hear each other?

DGA said...

How the hell do you spell SCHWARTZENEGER?

DGA said...

fORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT...beautiful diploma. Honest. Congratulations!