Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reverse Route.

I ran the Kew Hills Park run today. But in reverse. And now...the headwinds that I had coming from the north yesterday, are now coming from the south. I can't win!

As many times, as I have run this 6 1/2 mile route, it's pretty interesting to see how different the trail looks when run in the opposite direction. Though sluggish, I was still able to manage to squeak in under just 1 hour (by like 1/2 of a second!)

Today marks 202 miles that I have run this year to date. And where are we now? We are passing through the outer limits of Carlisle, PA.

We are some odd 190 miles east of Pittsburgh, so I reckon (in my hee-haw Appalachian accent), that it will take me about 6 weeks or so to 'git! I see nothing but a lot of boring scenery ahead.

(Hey, where's Bedtime for Bonzo?
Reagan was recently ranked the #2 best
president ever in a harris poll - nice
to know it was probably all voted upon
by some --umm-- nice, "fair" minded
republicans too. yah. right...........
Reagan? No #2???)

Goodbye, Carlisle....

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DGA said...

Talking about The Twilight Zone in your previous Blog, what about George W. Bush number 10 among all Presidents?! I bet you the Harris Poll was taken only among The White House population!