Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Blogging Record

But first.....a map for this Sunday's Irish "Almost" Spring Spectacular!

I have posted more blogs this month than any other. Guess I had a lot of shit on my mind. 28 posts in 28 days. Nice.

I ran another 5 miles at the gym tonight, but what I was most impressed with myself was how well my post-run stretches went. Slowly, and surely, I feel the ability to reach down and stretch my hammys further than ever before. And, keep this in mind, I am heavy. 162 pounds to be exact.

But, what exactly is heavy anyway? Earlier tonight I posted a question on the bulletin board of my online running group, RunningAhead.Com. In there, I had asked about when the best time was to eat the majority of protein. The answer I got wasn't even as valuable as the person who answered it. Nice fella by the name of Marcus had about an inch height and 10 pounds on me.

But check this out....His training runs were anywhere from 8 minutes down to 6 minutes or so per mile. Awesome. Health and Conditioning. Perhaps those values may prove to be victorious over that of weight in the end result of a race. We shall see this Sunday.

And we SHALL see this Sunday...
...For I've compiled a list of all of my races, and just popped up a history of all of my 5k runs.
part two:

Last year's JFK run was twisted wasn't it? 20:43. A 6:41 pace. I was insane. And yet, I would have been nearly a full minute off what I did when I was 19 years old when I came in 3rd place in the Stroh's 5k Liberty Run. Ahh, how youth is wasted on the young...With all the fun that I am having now, just breaking 8 minutes a mile, can you imagine doing a race where I am averaging 6 minutes flat per mile?

My times for the Shamrocks is 23:51, 24:10 and 24:22 for a pace of 7:29, 7:42 and 7:52 respectively. I want to attack this course with a vengeance. So I plan to rest heavily beginning tomorrow night and Saturday. I want to be fully rested for this.

I also hear that it will be snowing early Saturday morning, but that it will warm up Sunday to about 38 by race time. I only hope the course is not icy or slippery. Fort Washington Avenue is heavily trafficked however ( no, not with drugs ) so the slushy stuff should be long gone. Hey, I just noticed something....Fort Washington Avenue.....Port Washington Boulevard.....Hmmmm....

Another thought running through my Speedy Gonzalez mind is "To Red Bull or Not To Red Bull" that is the question. Red Bull does give me some awesome energy, but I have also read somewhere that caffeine before a run is not good. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels, particularly capillaries. Blood is what carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Oh, and yes, New York bagels are what carries calories to all parts of my gut. Jabba The Pig, anyone?

Recently, my dad accused me of posting a "fake" check on the Internet. He, like Roger Clemens, is insisting that I never won any money from him. I never won any money from Roger Clemens either, so I guess I am then comparing to him LYING like Roger Clemens. Truth is, those were the last 5 dollars that my old man had. And as proof of that, when they came to New York recently, they were so strapped that they didn't even have clothes to wear!

That's my old man and his wife jogging through the snow in their birthday outfits. They couldn't afford to pay me for betting against the Giants, so I repo'd their clothing.

Actually, my father looked nothing like that at all. The man is so skinny, he could probably pick bank vaults with his waist. He makes that student-exchange kid who made the headlines after being starved in Egypt, look like my first ex-wife after her second plate of bacon, while cooking a third casserole of home fries. Okay, I better chill and show some respect for my Dad....Even if he does like Michael Jordan over Wilt Chamberlain. Oh...You were thinking I was going to forgive myself for my comments about the first ex.....Yeah, RIGHT!!! Bitter dregs we are tonight, aren't we?

I failed to comment about this year's Oscars. Disappointing. Ellen Page for Juno LOST. Marco Beltrami, composer for 3:10 to Yuma LOST. No Country For Old Men WON for best picture, again disappointing. Thank God, Daniel-Day Lewis won for "Blood", or else I would have boycotted next year's event.

Also, you'll notice some new countdown clocks on the right. Hope you like 'em.

Lastly, you have all been seeing this picture on my blog for quite awhile now:

Hey! I've been a busy boy! Lotsa of work at the office, and mucho training, makes 'Jack' a very NOT so dull boy, after all, y'know.


It's actually a very good book too. All about modern sports icons in NY through the eyes of a NY reporter.

I will try and read it this weekend whilst I relax, and catch up on other stuff.

Does anyone have a Cliff or Monarch notes for this book that they could sell me? LOL.

Well the night is beckoning me. I will concede to that wonderful Dormia mattress in about 5 minutes. Good night, everyone!! And keep running. It's good for you!!!


DGA said...

I just changed my Will and guess who's been scratched from the list of inheritants? Next time watch your mouth and remember who has the power and control: The one with the money!

Alex Gonzalez said...

So you were reading!!!