Friday, February 22, 2008

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Today, New York finally got nailed with a heavy snowstorm. Not a blizzard, but as I look out of my girlfriend's 9-story apartment window, it's coming down harder now than it did when I woke up. She's at work, the benefit of mass transit. Me? I'm here with two computers fired up by my side, my office laptop, which I've been using to send/receive emails and other job related activities, and this one. Blogrunner's machine.

I've run 8 days in a row. Should I try for 9? I want to run in the snow. What should I be careful for? Ice? Slippery cars? Protection of my extremeties?

I found yet another useful website about running that offers up advice about running in the snow:

Some Tips For Running On Snow
By Woody Green of RUNNERS NICHE

1. Freshly fallen snow is a great shock absorber. If you have the chance to run on a trail or grassy field with three or four inches of the new stuff your joints will thank you.

2. Better traction can usually be found where the snow is less packed. Be careful, though, since newly fallen snow can cover a slick sheet of ice underneath it.

3. Snow can nicely hide roots, sidewalk cracks and fallen objects, too. A pair of sunglasses with yellow lenses will help you to see the relief patterns on snow.

4. It's okay to cut your mileage when running through snow. You are working harder to travel through snow than you ever do running on a dry surface. Don't overtrain just to jot down the same distances you ran this summer in your logbook.

5. Remember that running through snow will force stabilizing muscles on the inner and out part of your legs to work harder than usual. Try to ease into snow running to avoid injuries to these muscles.

6. Walking may seem like wimping out, but it beats slipping and falling when you try to dash across a slick stretch of glazed ice.

7. Snow can be used as a tool to give you a good resistance workout. Try vigorous bounding through deep snow for a great strength workout. Naturally, be careful of your footing.

8. Snow gives you a couple of great cross-training possibilities. Why not give Nordic skiing or snowshoeing a try?

The following is as it appears at Here's the link if you're interested:

I liked all the suggestions but #3: Snow can nicely hide roots, sidewalk cracks and fallen objects, too. A pair of sunglasses with yellow lenses will help you to see the relief patterns on snow.

Really now. If anything, Yellow lenses would hide it. Last I checked, when someone relieves themselves in the snow, it's yellow!!!

I just took a look ahead for my Al Gordon Snowflake Race this Sunday. Brrrrr 25 degrees with a wc of 16. It's going to be as cold as balls that day. I'm going to start praying now to the God of Hot Cholocate.

I just got back from taking a 10 minute break to get pizza which followed with getting on a conference call for work. Heck, the roads are not snowy. They are icy! When it comes to running, wet's a sure bet, but ice is not very nice. I am home and feel caged. I really want to run, but I am a little concerned about the terrain. Should I go? Should I stay?

In the end, I ran! 7 Miles in the snow and sleet. Morale of the story....If you are unsure as to whether to run or not, I say DO IT. Unless you are ailing from something, then just get it over with. Push yourself, and get it done. You'll be glad for it later. And, if the question mark is attributed to bad weather, then think this....If you run in bad weather, it will be that much more
memorable after you finish your run. For me, the ground was not even snowy. It was ice. I had to watch my every step, but I feel great for having done it. It invigorated me, and reaffirmed my commitment too.

Going up Quentin Street........Crossing over the LIRR (80th)........Cars along Park Lane

Forest Park as you can see had many winding paths...Notice the ice everywhere...........

Victory Oval was all white. The track was completely covered, hardly anyone ran b4 me.

Weight Limit 8 what ??????? Before bulldozer...................After bulldozer......................

Looking at the many trees along the course. It's amazing how deep it looks when the
ground is all white. Very beautiful and serene. There was no one around, and I felt
like I wasn't even in Queens neither.....

Coming back out I went down Metrpolitan Avenue and traffic and wet roads everywhere
was pretty harrowing!

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