Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am heavy, and I am racing tomorrow.

February 2, 1993
Kurt “if you can hear my voice” Steiner, a founding member of NYRR, a member of the board of directors, and an announcer at countless NYRR races, passes away at aged 71. During his life, Steiner completed 99 marathons, including the 1972 Boston Marathon in 2:58 at age 51.

I used to see this guy at every race when I was a member of the New York Road Runner's Club.

So, it appears that with my insane workload recently, and my eating regimen going to hell, all done for good, has gone bad.

I have a race tomorrow, which I'm not trying to set any records by any means. I'm just going to have fun at it. It's the Gridiron Classic 4 Mile Race.

And then tomorrow night, it's the Super Bowl. More food. Oh boy.

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