Monday, February 18, 2008

A break from the winter 'blahhs'.

After running hard for two days under the cold and gray skies of the 'Big Apple', what better way to kick back and enjoy some warm weather, relaxation and a nice overall vacation, then to go to somewhere that I can't afford, but wish I could.

Atlantis in Paradise Island.

Warning: If this post is going to sum up to nothing more than a shameless pluge, then mea-culpe. The real intent is to escape from reality, and to go somewhere warm.
And, as I was searching the internet for some nice "warm" pictures, I stumbled across the Atlantis website off of Google...
Lo and Behold! Atlantis!

Apparently, the resort has just finished their 'Grand Opening' for their condos in December 2007. It will, no doubt, be able to be afforded only by filthy rich (bankers, brokers, lawyers) as they say too. Trust me, I am jealous. Perhaps, I should have stayed in school longer, and be a better bastard in life. I have learned (in this country anyway) that to have money you have to know how to screw people, and I'm not talking about the screwing that comes from your mid-section either. I'm talking about the one that starts upstairs in your brain, and ends up in your wallet, namely at someone else's expense.

Anyway, enough bile!
So, I saw some beautiful pictures from this place, and the intent of this post was to bring everyone to a nice place, right? It was take you all, to a beautiful, tropical place where a man (or woman) could live their life a full measure, without the worries of a 'push-push' business, an oppresive relationship, or any other commonly-known stresses in our everyday ordinarily mundane existence that we call life.

So melt away with me. Let's all live the life that we ought to live! After all, the mind is a powerful element. If it wasn't for our mind, there would be no universe, right? Therefore, who says we have to ACTUALLY go to Atlantis, to fully enjoy its fruits?

First let's start off with a little hype (Hey, everything needs a little hype, right?)

I begin with a news bulletin (This came from the Atlantis website) which says:

PARADISE ISLAND, THE BAHAMAS �(March 1, 2007) �Since the grand opening of Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas more than 12 years ago, the destination resort has amazed millions of guests with its luxury resort space and awe-inspiring experiences. Now, the resort has once again raised the bar with its billion-dollar Phase III expansion, which includes The Residences at Atlantis, a 22-story oceanfront condominium-hotel tower under construction and slated to be ready for occupancy in December 2007. The Residences at Atlantis is the creation of South Florida-based Turnberry, Ltd., one of the country� leading real estate development firms. Once complete, the tower will include 495 junior, one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites whose owners will enjoy full access to the resort� luxurious amenities, as well as the privacy and convenience of owning their own Bahamian hideaway. Suites are priced from $700,000 to more than $3.5 million.

Turnberry is known worldwide for the quality of its interior furnishings, and The Residences at Atlantis will be no exception. Custom amenities include fine linens and tableware, crown molding, granite countertops, imported kitchen cabinetry, luxurious bathrooms, plush bedroom carpeting, LCD flat screen TVs and more.The Residences at Atlantis tower also will include a private owner� lounge and fully-staffed lobby, swimming pool, restaurant, 24-hour security and valet parking.

Additionally, owners will have full access to the 171-acre resort� fabulous entertainment center, featuring the Caribbean� largest and most exciting casino, dozens of chic duty-free shops, the 30,000-square-foot flagship Mandara spa, a full-service marina and The Caribbean� largest collection of world-renowned chefs, including an outpost of Nobu Matsuhisa� Nobu and the French gourmet restaurant CafŽ Martinique from the acclaimed Jean-Georges Vongerichten.
Recently, Atlantis opened a 63-acre waterscape, AQUAVENTURE, complete with thrilling water slides and a mile long river ride; Dolphin Cay, the new dolphin interaction and education center; and a restaurant featuring world-renowned chef Bobby Flay� Mesa Grill. Next month, Pure Management Group, the operators of PURE, Tangerine and Coyote Ugly on the Las Vegas Strip, will bring a new late-night experience to the resort with the debut of AURA, a 7,000-square-foot nightclub reached by a two-story blue glass staircase soaring above the Atlantis Casino.

Just reading this, I am beyond melted. In fact, I am disintegrated. Like a grilled cheese that's been left on the stove cooking for too long. I am not even cheese anymore. I'm more like the bubbles that rise from the cheese when exposed to extreme conditions. And talk about extreme conditions! Damn!! I need to go here! Anyway, before I start the photo session, let me just say that if I actually HAD the money to go somewhere, this would be the place to go. It looks like they did a fabulous job putting it all together.
So, let me fly now. Fly away!! Fly south (and east) to a place where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are warm and inviting and waiting for your arrival. The sounds of the palm trees rustling gently from the light breezes. The sounds of marimba music echoing from a distance. Can you hear it? Listen closely. Laughter and enjoyment. They all await you. They all await you at the Blogrunner's version of Atlantis in Paradise Island at the Bahamas!

I land and am taken by limo (of course) to my destination. The new condominiums of Atlantis! I enter the main lobby, where the director of hotel services meets and greets me. Excitement and wonder enter our tired, haggard faces as I look around in astonishment. The architecture, the fine artwork, and the cleanliness and majesticness (is that even a word) of it all is too much to compute. But that's okay. And before I even know it, my luggage is being handled by someone with white gloves, and suddenly I am being given keys to my 2-bedroom penthouse.

Wow! What a view I have from our balcony! I can smell the mix of the saltwater air, with smokey accents of wonderful food being barbecued by some of the finest chefs in the world. Nobu and Bobby Flay have restaurants here, and I'm already thinking about booking myself somewhere to eat, and fast!

I still have sometime before we suit up for the evening so, I decide to use this time and go shopping along the gorgeously detailed indoor shopping arena. My oh my, how much does that item cost?

And now for dinner at the fabulous Nobu restaurant:

The food was so delicious. But now I feel a little bit stuffed. Let me walk around. Hey look at that! It's a casino. Yay! Let me go blow tons of money. Perhaps I may win, perhaps not. Who cares? I'm going to have fun!

I just won $2,000 ! Okay, let me leave before my luck changes.

After having a wonderful evening of dancing to old and new, I retire back to my penthouse in Paradise. I'm too tired to have my own paradise (lol) in the bedroom, but that's okay as there will be plenty of time for that!

The next day I get up....slowly. Looks like all those "mojitos" took their toll after-all. I have my own beautifully appointed granite countertop kitchen, full with oven and microwave. It's partially stocked with some stuff I purchased while shopping at the mall in the hotel yesterday. We sit down have some coffee and fruit and bread. After a while of just admiring the view from the balcony, I come up with more plans. I wanted to play golf, to be followed by the more peaceful haunts of the Mandara Spa located within the residence.

What a wonderful morning we had. I enjoyed a great round of golf, and afterwards got soaked and got rubbed to near disintegration. Ahhh, such peace and comfort! The worries are all gone.

In the early afternoon, I decided to walk through the "water tube". Wow!
As I got back to the room, I got a call from one of my constituents (when you make a lot of $$$, they are no longer called clients). They are in the area and are inviting me on their yacht. Nice!

Another wonderful evening completed at Paradise Island.

The next day was a day of sun and fun!

I went snorkling, parasailing, and even did a little kite surfing the following day (once we had the today!)

More pictures of my place. Look at the bathroom:

And my master bedroom suite with terrace overlooking the island.

Anyway, today is already Day 8. Boy, does time fly by when you're having fun! But it's time for me to go now.

Even the dolphin is saying goodbye to me. Goodbye dolphin. Gee, you were so nice, I may have to vote you in the next Harris poll as one of the greatest Presidents of the United States ever! Perhaps you'll be somewhere between the second greatest president ever, Ronald Reagan, and the 10th best president ever, George W. Bush! Reagan, Dolphin, Bush. What a fantasy!!!!

I will get there some day. First though, I probably need to get some serious mental help.

Well. That's it. Time to come back to reality.


Snap out of it!!!


Okay, just checking.

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DGA said...


Atlantis is located, according to legend, near the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Africa. Some type of "Sunami" or a big fart provided by Charles Atlas sank it in the depth of the sea, whether you go by the Roman or the Californian version, respectively.

After 2,000 years it emerged in the Caribean Sea, as if nothing had happened. And, as if no time had elapsed, there he was behind the mike announcing its resurfacing...Wayne Newton. He followed it by singing for the first time " Danke Schoen". And that's the truthzzzzzz!