Friday, January 18, 2008

One Pound Of Flesh

This day in New York Road Runner's Club History:
January 18, 1987
Cindy Girard wins the NYRR Frostbite 10-Mile in Central Park in 57:09. Girard is named the 1987 Big Apple Runner of the Year (an award now known as the NYRR Fred Lebow Runner of the Year and presented annually at NYRR Club Night).

YESTERDAY'S WEIGH-IN.............161.4
WEIGH-IN @ 7 A.M...................160.4
NET GAIN/LOSS........................-1.0

It's been a struggle losing weight. But any day with a minus sign is a great day, so I am figuring I've had 4 great days so far this week.

I was planning on running through lunch today, but I left my shorts at home. Looks like I'll be resting today. LOL.

New York Road Runner's have listed the 2008 Racing Calendar:
Races of note:
02/09 - Bronx Half-Marathon
02/23 - Al Gordon Snowflake 4m
03/02 - Coogan's Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks Run
03/30 - Scotland Run 10k
04/13 - Run As One, TGL Classic
04/26 - Brooklyn Half Marathon
05/17 - Healthy Kidney 10K
05/20 - American Heart Association Wall Street Run 5K
07/27 - NIKE NYC Half Marathon Presented By NIKE
08/02 - ING New York City Marathon Long Training Run #1
08/23 - Queens Half Marathon
09/06 - ING New York City Marathon Long Training Run #1
09/13 - Staten Island Half Marathon
10/04 - Norwegian Festival
10/26 - Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff
11/02 - ING New York City Marathon
12/07 - Joe Klinerman 10K
12/13 - Holiday 4 Miler
12/20 - Hot Chocolate 15K

I don't think I'll be running the Brooklyn Half Marathon this year. It's only 1 week before the Long Island Marathon, and I need to taper the last 3 weeks. Also, I typically don't do any races after the New York Marathon, but every year that "Hot Chocolate" race tempts me more and more.

I've already run 30 miles this week. I have the kids this week, so that will complicate matters both on the running and eating fronts. This will be my first big test: Seeing them eat hot dogs, for example, while I nosh on vegetables. Worse yet will be Sunday night. A man's head is hardwired to eat chicken wings, burgers and drink beer while watching a football game. Watching the Giants take on the Packers will definitely trigger temptations. That will be test #2.

My goal therefore is to get on the scale Monday morning (01/21) and weigh the same I did this morning.

Race Picture:

January 12, 2008 - Fred Lebow Classic 5M in Central Park

My hair looks a big worn out, doesn't it?

When I ran this race I weighed 165.

But I did well. My last mile was done in 7:13 !

My next race is the Bronx Half Marathon. That's February 9th. Imagine if we had a snowstorm that day? That would be cool!

I still remember how good the Hot Chocolate was from that day. LOL. That and the 2 bagels I ate after my run. Mmmmmm Bagels. I miss that.

Speaking of snow storms, it appears as if I'm going to be flying in the middle of a blizzard next week. And again, I say....Nothing Like Flying To Cleveland In January.

Originally, I was supposed to have gone both weeks, this week and next. But the business changed the mind and felt everything can be done in one weekend. Had they picked this weekend, everything would have been okay.

Okay....I already caved. Chipotle's has rung my bell. I've done well in not answering that door for nearly 2 weeks. But EVERYONE around me ordered it today, and I did not have my lunch with me, and I am HUNGRY.

I did eliminate the Chips and the Sour Cream. That alone saved me 600 calories.

But here's the damage for lunch today:

THIS: ------------------------>


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