Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lotsa Shhtuff.

Okay. I guess I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head. Coupled with the fact that it's already 11:18pm at night, and that might call for a bad case of insomnia. So I'll spill my guts out, but try to do it quick and precise.

Movie Review: "There Will Be Blood"
Perhaps one day, I will start a new blog reviewing all of the movies that I see. I am a big time movie buff. And since I have obsessive tendencies for things I like, I only see many more movies in my future. America is #1 for movies. Always have been. Always will be.

British actors might make the best actors. The performance that Daniel Day-Lewis treated us to tonight was absolutely unbelievable. I think my mouth was left hanging open about a half-dozen times. Between the writing, and his body language, I totally forgot about him, the 50 year old man from London, as all I kept thinking to myself throughout the movie was,


"Damn! How much more evil can this oil tycoon get?"
It won't win best picture (although it is a damn good one), but to say that there is anyone in his class, especially this year, is like saying the Pope is an Arab. Here is a movie clip of what I saw tonight. I really loved it and I give it a 9 (second best to my perfect score of 10 for the "3:10 to Yuma" remake earlier this year). PS...You won't see too many 9's from me. We're going to see "No Country For Old Men" after my race on Saturday. I'll give you all a full report.

I've run 4 days in a row. Good. Today was a bit chillier then yesterday. I ran on my treadmill at work, and finished up outside. I ran around the parking lot of Arrow. Hopefully that wasn't a career limiting move. Hey, the way I see it, if I were the CEO, I would want to see my employees taking their lunch hour by running with determination, inspiration, and showing a pulse. Besides, I had competition. There were a couple of woman actually walking around the parking lot, too. The lot's a bigger then a quarter-mile track, and I did 2 miles.

Covet The Shoes

I am not a fashion bug by any means, but I must admit. When I was changing back into my clothes at the locker room at my job, I noticed a pair of black shoes. They were Kenneth Coles. Just for curiosity, I placed my left foot (hahah Daniel Day pun) alongside the left shoe (not inside-that would have been sick and wrong!) and it would have fit me perfectly. The shoes looked amazing. I must admit, this might very well be the first reported case of shoe envy in the annals of my sometimes twisted mind! Anyway, I do have a Kenneth Cole Reaction attache, for which,
I will ALWAYS love and cherish.

Where Am I Now, Virtually?
I have nothing against New Jersey, but I prefer not to be in it. I want to run further, but time does not permit this. So for now, when you hear Bruce Springsteen's "Jersey Girl" (the only song I could find with the word "Jersey"), please bear and grin it. Bruce Springsteen gives a phenomenal performance. I saw him once in October of 2003, as the "demise" was only then beginning to take hold within my inner family. It was a great show....
Even if some of the dudes at the show were assholes.

I know several people who like Springsteen that are that way. Sorry.

So, I am 33 miles from home base and in Essex County. I'm nestled between a triangle of parks (Becker, Riker and Walter Kidde Dinosaur Park). Lots of fossils around here, from what I gather. Can you smell the stink? Whoops, that's the another town in NJ with the letter "E", as in Elizabeth, NJ. The last town with E in the Garden County state is Edison, NJ. I remember a news bulletin one day perhaps over a decade ago, when something blew up over there. It melted apartment buildings right down to the foundation, as temperature reached something on the order of 2,000 degrees farenheit or better. Ahh, nothing like noxious fumes in good ol' N-J.
And while, I'm ranting about NJ, I used to remember a fucking d-wad who used to live in Bloomfield, NJ, and judging by his name, probably loved to eat little yellow canary birds. Last I've heard, he now works as an IT director for some company up in Connecticut. I wish him all the worst.

There is this "Mary1028" woman who claims she is a registered Democrat, but funny thing...I keep getting emails from time to time from her to myself and to other Dems, regarding what a lousy job the Democrats in office are doing. Pelosi is doing a lousy job? Tell me somthing I don't know! Anyway, I would SWEAR she that this emailer was a Republican at heart. She must be some rich person. Republicans shield the rich, to rape the middle class.

Anyway, I responded with one hell of a retort. I think I lit up my sky, if not hers. By using...........weapons of mass destruction......need I say more?


Ileana is looking to further modernize our living room and found on her own, a floor lamp that I actually like. But then again, what did'cha expect? I'm a water sign (Cancer). Here's the link: Structure Pisces Floor Lamp

Retail Horror Show
I though I'd seen it all until yesterday. Near my job, and along Millbar Avenue, there is a very seedy place called, Adult Video. As the name suggests, you could probably butter your popcorn without even melting a stick of it, but I'll save you all the horny cums, err, I mean, corny puns. Part of my route is along Millbar, and yesterday as I was making my first loop past the "Amateur Video" sign, adorning the tiny, stand-alone, windowless building, what do I see? What do I see?? I saw an ELDERLY WOMAN. She was walking out of the store, and had, get this, a bag LOADED with what I could make out to be, DVDs.

"Gee whiz, Mom, why is Grandma always up in her bedroom, and why are all the lights in the home dimming?"

"Shut up junior and go get your popcorn!"

Ugh...It's 1:10am....I gotta go to bed !

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