Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Like the last few years gone by, I have goals for the New Year. Some new, some old, and all for the betterment of me.

I weighed 165 this morning. Yikes! Amazing what happens after spending a few days at my Dad's house!

Goals for 2008:
1) Get down in weight average to 150 Pounds. Get there and stay there. Averaging 150 pounds, means that some days I would be weighing 147, and other days perhaps 153.

2) Get more sleep. More zzzz's mean less food and more repair.
I slept only 6 hours last night. Ugh.

3) Strength training on my hamstrings, and upper body. Another ugh.
My hammys are weak. Always have been. Same goes for my Gonzo-bowling ball-stomach. Some may think it's cute, but it is my downfall. Of course, staying away from bread products would help....Get away from me, Dad!

4) Be more diligent in counting my calories! It is a pain in my royal ass. It's like counting your pennies each day in a tight budget. BUT I MUST DO THIS. Whenever I count my calories, I actually lose weight faster!

5) Only focus on things that are realistic (in no particular order).
1. My job - Very realistic. Will do better this year.
2. My kids = Continue to be a good father. Teach them the value of
money a bit better this year, and to be a bit neater.
3. My health - Go see all my doctors this year. Stick to a strict
running campaign. Get at least 7-8 hours rest per night
average, never eat over my prescribed recommended caloric
Here is what is not realistic that I should spend ZERO time on:
1- Buying a house. It isn't my money, and I don't have any more time to waste on trying to help someone to find a house, simply because all they ever do is whine about their apartment. My schedule is tight with all my other goals above to waste any more time on this. Put better...Once she buys the house, then I will become 'Mr. Handyman.'
Until then......
2- Waste time on useless hobbies. Playing with my computer having
nothing to do with this blog, my health, or work? Useless.
Exception to the rule: Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC, but that wont be released until next year, so I am fine for now.
3- Useless emotional energy (ie. fighting). I could almost put this in the same category with #1. Useless energy drains me of power and time, two very valuable components in the Blogrunner's credo.

To kick off my new running year, I ran from my father's house across Southgate Blvd. and into Tamarac High School. And while the HS track was gated and locked, the doors had a wide enough gap, enabling me to squeeze through (even at my fat-lard-ass 165 pound frame) and do my lap running. Interestingly, there was a white car, that suspiciously kept parking the car in the all empty lot next to the track, from one spot to another. It looked like there were two people in the car (can't tell, lost my glasses at the disco the other night), and it looked like they were staring at me. It was pretty freaky because I was the only one in the course. I didn't waver and continued running, but decided to run the other half-oval which was not visible from the parking lot. Interestingly, and not long after doing this, the car drove right up to the fence, to try and see me. At this point I actually ran off the oval and decided to run across the outfield grass at the baseball field. After a few minutes, I wandered back onto the oval, and then I noticed that the car was gone. Weird.

I finished my run, noticing another possible run tomorrow near the canal, and did another 5 loops around my Dad's housing complex. All in all, I kept running until I had completed a 10k.

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