Monday, October 8, 2007

Spirit of The Marathon

Over the next few weeks, I will be scouring the internet and other sources to bring to
you some of the excitement about Marathoning. Perhaps these public videos can give you a glimpse of my private resolve with this endeavor.

Here's a great preview to a movie that was recently (I think) pre-screened in Chicago. It shows the Chicago Marathon, and talks about the inspirational elements about Marathoning. For me, I always come up with motiviational quotes to keep me focused. Recently, and with my work-related travelling, and my long cold, it has been "The tougher it gets, the tougher I get."

Great stuff. More to come.....
27 DAYS TO GO!!!!

1 comment:

Derek said...

This movie was screened in Chicago on Friday. I would have really liked to have gone to see it, but I had my family in tow in Chicago and it was impossible with 2 little kids.