Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Head-WIND and Head-STRONG.

Today I completed another 5 miles, this time it was during lunch time and it was twice around a loop I devised that went along a stretch of route 110, New Road and Smith Street.

The wind was fairly gusty and it slowed me down some. Still, and due to my self-imposed 1-hour time constraint for lunch, I managed to complete it in under 44 minutes for a pace of just under 8 minutes 28 seconds per mile.

I had paid to do the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff Race this Sunday. It too has a five mile distance. Best of all, it finishes exactly the way the Marathon does, hence the race name. Here's the course:

I might just run it at a 9 minute per mile pace. The challenge will be to keep it at exactly a flat 9 minutes for each mile. And as all us marathon runners out there know, the easiest way to break a 4 hour marathon, is to run each mile in exactly 9 minutes. Now this is not to say that I have ANY hopes of breaking 4 hours, but I have a brain, and brains do dream....