Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Spain....Back from the dead

9 days in Spain coupled with 7 days of being ill .
I had an incredible time in Spain, for which I expected my running to be severly impacted. Unfortunately, I did not count on the sore throat which later led to a real bad cold that has kept me all but off my feet for nearly a week. My weight has gone up, my muscle tone has gone down, and my goals have faltered of late. In short, I seem to have taken a comprehensive "hit" to my ship. But, I am determined. I won't give in. I will fight and I will prevail.

Tomorrow is my first run after more than a week. I am going to Mexico on business the day after, but I am arming myself with a daily change of running clothes. I will run on the treadmill, but if the treadmill sucks, then I will run around the hotel in Guadalajara for the following 6 days, if I must.

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DGA said...

OK. You haven't run for a while and you need to get back to you have to go to extremes? like going to Mexico? Wouldn't that be a last resource?