Friday, August 17, 2007

A welcomed day off...

J - E- T - S. Jets! Jets! Jets!

After a pretty hectic (and event filled run week), I got the kids this weekend and thanks to free tickets I got, I took them to the first ever football game.

It was in New Jersey at the Meadowlands. The weather was threatening, but by the time we got to the stadium (20 min after kickoff thanks to traffic), the skies had cleared up.

We had a nice time, had a couple of dogs and sausage n' peppers sandwiches (mama mia! $6 for the sausage n peppers!).

The Jets took a pounding. By the time we got to the stadium they were already down 7-zip.

Things didn't get better for the "Gang Green". Within minutes of putting my derrier on the nicely rain soaked seats, the Vikes intercepted the Jets on the Jets own 20 yard line, running it in for another score.

Half-time was coming, things weren't going so well for the home team and the score was getting
uglier by the minute...

Plus, I had a big run planned for tomorrow morning, so to get home at a decent hour we left at halftime. We took the Lincoln Tunnel, and drove us right through Times Square. My kids thought we were in Hollywood from all of the lightsTo beat traffic and get home early, we left at halftime

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