Friday, August 31, 2007

Sloppy Week.

It was bound to happen. After running a record number of miles this month (171), which was capped off with a 21 mile to Port Washington and back last Sunday, the rest of my life finally caught up. Between all my projects at work coming to a head, final preparations for Spain, and just a general sense of not wanting to push myself into injury, I have been completely "out to lunch" in my training, as they say.

I may run tonight. I will run tomorrow, and will definitely be running a long one either Sunday or Monday. For the long run, I am currently debating of either doing a new Port Washington course (Sunset Park run) that I put together;

So, either the Port Washington Long Run (see map by clicking on link below)


Great Neck/Port Washington run (shorter route-click below)

One of my co-workers informed me today about P-Diddy doing so well in the New York City Marathon. So what? So what if he can run a Marathon, and is a multi-millionaire. That don't impress me much. In fact, hang on....I think I see someone else in the pack of runners, a familiar figure. And he's running ahead of him too!! I wonder who he could be??!!


Willis said...

Hey - just saw your bloglink while cruising RunnersWorld forums. Love the runs around Long Island - I live in LA now but grew up for 18 years in Port Washington. You ran right by my area in Flower Hill.

I give you props for marathon training in dense NY traffic. I'd never do that - I tried to as a HS student, but it was simply too much to dodge cars for 4 hours.

I'm now marathoning in sunny LA, which I do admit, is a big improvement over LI. However, I'd love to run NYC marathon - good luck with it!

Alex Gonzalez said...

Wow. RunnersWorld? I didn't even know there was a link to me from there! I need to find it myself now! COOL!!!!

Flower Hill is indeed a beautiful place. Quiet, affluent, and best of all wide, wide, streets ...perfect for a nice run.

I agree with you, running anywhere outside of NYC is probably an improvement (LOL) but I think of it in terms of radical training. If I can endure a training session here, then I should do pretty well in any race any where outside NY (except for perhaps mountain runs).

Thank so much for leaving me your comments. It's great to hear from fellow runners from all over exchanging ideas and reminiscing about their own times too!