Monday, August 27, 2007

NYC Marathon Training: Week 6 Summary / Week 7 Schedule

Week Six Completed

35 miles
Actual: 43 miles

High: 159
Low: 154

Scheduled: 56 hours
Actual: 52.5 hours

If Week 5 was great for the mileage I put in overall, then Week 6 was even better, because I both cut back in overall mileage, but had an insane run yesterday (I'm still pinching myself over it). Somebody today had asked about my run yesterday. His response? "21 Miles? 21 Miles? I didn't even drive 21 miles last week!" I think what is primarily making me happy is that I am sore, but not hurt. If I feel better tomorrow, I may try either a lunchtime or evening run. As of today, there are only 10 weeks left before "payback" time. If I continue to run smart, this could be turn into a very nice experience for me at the end. My sleep, did suffer again this week. And I ate way too much food at the barbecue on Saturday, but I weighed in this morning at 155.6, which is my lowest Monday morning weigh-in since I started the JigglyJoggers group over at the website where I post all my running statistics at,

Here's a look ahead for the coming week:

Week 7 Schedule:
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Consolidated Summary (taken from the other website)

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