Monday, August 13, 2007

NYC Marathon Training: Week 4 Summary / Week 5 Schedule

Week Four Completed

30 miles
Actual: 41.9 miles

High: 162
Low: 155

Scheduled: 56 hours
Actual: 52 hours

I had high points and low points. The high points were; running 16 miles and actually making it through without cramping (despite the only 20 ounces of water I had with me-my fuel belt), another high point was the ability to stick to the number of runs I needed to do, and not allow my vacation interrupt it. And lastly, running 40 miles without discomfort. Awesome!

Low points has to be hands down, my weight. Or should I say my "eating"? I was an eating machine this weekend in Maryland. I ate everything in sight. Haagen Dazs, spare ribs, hot dogs, 1 bialy after another. I really enjoyed all of the food I ate at my Uncle Antonio's. He's a super cook. I could have refused eating so much food, but I thought with all my exercise this weekend (22 miles + tennis + walking) that it would have allowed me to go off my diet. Wrong!!!

Anyway, we're all entitled to fall off the wagon every so often, but hopefully, I will learn the next time I go away on vacation to watch this part of my regimen as well.

The runs this week were not all that I had expected them to be, but in the end I did break my single week record for the year with 41.9 miles. To me this is a great achievement because I did so without any issues. The 16.2 mile run alone was a great run and it helped me to extend my confidence in my ability to add distance to my longer runs (ie. half-marathon last week, run to NYC the week before).

Here's a look ahead for the coming week:

Week 5 Schedule:

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DGA said...

Yes, uncle Antonio is a good cook, but he is the messiest cook I've ever known! At the end of his Italian dish the kitchen looks like it was hit by an 8.0 earthquake with subsequent aftershocks every half hour!

You like food? Try DAGONAZ's CHICKEN PICCATA! You'll never eat chicken piccata any place else again!