Sunday, August 5, 2007

NYC Marathon Training: Week 3 Summary / Week 4 Schedule

Week Three Completed

27 miles
Actual: 35 miles

High: 160
Low: 156.8

Scheduled: 56 hours
Actual: 51 hours

This was a turbulent week. I had two races, a fast 3.5 miler in the heat of the sun, and a half-marathon through the heart of New York. I also slept a lot less then I wanted to, and I finished off the week a half-pound higher in weight (158.8 vs. 158.2) which is customary during a race (pre-race carb-loading and post-race protein rebuilding). I came in third in my race on Tuesday at Arrow, but was a little disappointed on how I felt when I finished. On the other hand, I did everything right in planning and executing my big race yesterday. If yesterday's confidence was bolstered by my 11 mile run a week ago, then my run from yesterday should even bolster my next long run even better. I did get a foot cramp yesterday after my run, it was about 30 minutes after I finished. I took 3 potassium pills on Sat. and 2 in the morning yesterday before my journey to the city. I might need to check with my doctor about this, because this cramping nonsense has got to stop!

There will be no races for quite awhile. The next scheduled race is actually not until Sun. Sep 23 (Queens Half-Marathon), but I might not be able to attend due to a job-related activity. That would mean I would possibly only have 1 or 2 races more, and both in October, before the BIG SHOWDOWN...

I renewed my membership to the New York Road Runner's Club this week. And by virtue of completing yesterday's race, I have completed 8 sanctioned NYRR races. This year's NYC Marathon will be my 9th race, and will put me over the qualify for the 2008 ING NYC Marathon.

Here's a look ahead for the coming week:

Week 4 Schedule:

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DGA said...

You need to shred 5 more pounds. Nothing else I can say, except don't over do it!