Monday, July 16, 2007

NYC Marathon: Base Week Completed

Base Week Completed

20.0 miles
Actual: 21.5 miles

High: 162.6
Low: 160.2

Obviously, I ran very, very cautious this week. I am grateful that I have not felt any pain in any of my 5 runs this week. I am optimistic that if I maintain a decent sleep cycle, and refrain from overtraining, that I should hopefully (knock on wood) be able to continue my injury-free stance.
My runs this week were nice, and the Brooklyn run was great, and will hope to do another one this year at some point. The humidity this week really sucked, but what can you do? This is New York in July.

NYC Marathon: Week 1 Training Schedule
Mon,Jul 16-Off
Tue,Jul 17-Route: I Ran Ascan-6:30AM-3 M-75F-57%Humid
Wed,Jul 18-Route: Victory Oval-6AM-5 M-75F-68%Humid (tempo:2 miles at 8:30 pace)
Thu,Jul 19-Route: Forest Park-6 AM-4 M-73F-61%Humid
Fri,Jul 20-Off
Sat,Jul 21-Route: Flower Hill-Bar Beach Water Loop-7 AM-71F-60%Humid
Sun,Jul 22-Route:Coolidge-Hoover Run-8 AM-72F-50%Humid

Since the humidity will be up all week long, getting up early to run to keep the temps down, will be a big factor for Week 1.

Possible Challenges for Week 1
@ Home: The place looks like a bomb hit it, because we have been painting the entire apartment. The guy that Ileana hired is good, but he is as slow as they come. I had to "chip" in today, and it looks like I will need to do the same tomorrow. Good thing, I'm off tomorrow.

@ Work: Lots of projects, highlighted by pressure on the Call Recording project, and getting a kickoff meeting for the Pittsburgh PBX Upgrade.

Kids: I have the kids this weekend. My Saturday run will need to be early because we have the company picnic and I need to make sure I do it early to allow for time to get back and make it for around 11am in Medford. Sunday, we may do a picnic in Forest Park, weather permitting.


DAGONAZ said...

NY sucks in July. Right. And in August, and November, and December, and January, and February, and March, and whwnever it doesn't suck it still sucks.

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