Monday, May 21, 2007

T minus 20 hours and I feel like crap.

Well at least a happy crap.

In a good mood, but I ate pasta for lunch, and now 10 hours later, I feel like I'm ready to give birth to twins. I haven't even eaten dinner (well, that's if you don't include my hybrid-bowl of Raisin Bran and Cap'n Crunch Berries that I just had right before Jack Bauer jumped off the rope-I started watching the series tonight. In fact I made it a point to just watch the last 24 minutes of the 24 hours this season. And I did it!!! And this is the longest freaking parenthesis-laden text ever!).

How's my left leg doing? Well, I had some moments today. In a way, I almost can't wait to get this and my 10 mile race (this Sunday) out of the way, so that I can get back to training.

Anyway, I started to post old, never before told stories from my nut-job past. There will be more to come, in what is to be my "tell-all" running biography. Some may be funny, some pretty effing boring, and yes, some may leave you shaking your head. In a way, I feel like the Geraldo Rivera (aka. Jerry Rivers) of reporting......Except not as gay. (Hey! Can I be sued for that? No you can't. Yes you could. No you---ahhh leave it be already!)

So here is my next, new, "old" submission ->

My race tomorrow is the Wall Street Run. There is no physically rewarding reason to do this race. I'll be running through narrow streets right through where the World Trade Center once proudly stood, the United States Federal Reserve bank (Hey, i could use some dough!), and the New York Stock Exchange. Indeed my mission here is to manipulate the 3 miles worth of cobble-stoned and potholed-laden streets. Manipulate them as, well, as the capitalists manipulate the market (that one's for you Dad!)

9,000 runners are expected to be onhand and about another 100,000 on the sidelines rooting our sweaty little 'selves, as we make our way in and around the world's capital underbelly.

The weather is going to be a nice, toasty 75 tomorrow at 6:30pm when the race begins. Hell, if it gets too hot, I might jump off the edge when I run off of Battery Park, and turn my 3 miler, into an Ironman! (Am I kidding? I nearly drowned watching the remake of Poseiden on DVD)

Okay. So I have been trying to get into this race, and have not been able to do so, so far. I tried everything I could....and I can't! So I have decided to go all-out, anti-hype. I am going to go out of my way to be as boring as I can possibly be. Sort of like the opposite of a Marine.....Be All You Can't Be.....or is that the Navy?

Here's the blow-by-blow, turn-by-turn, grunt-by-grunt, popcorn-trail for tomorrow:

The starting line is on Murray Street at Fourth Place, just west of West Street. Start eastbound on Murray and turn right (south) on Church Street. Turn left (east) on Liberty Street, right (south) on William Street, and pass the one-mile mark as William crosses Wall Street. Continue on William, turn right (west) on Beaver Street, left (south) on Broad Street, and left again (east) on Pearl Street. Turn right (east) on Fletcher Street, right again (south) on Water Street (using the southbound lanes only), and pass the two-mile mark on Water between Coenties Slip and Broad. Turn right (north) on State Street, left (west) on Battery Street, follow Battery as it curves north, turn left (west) onto Third Street, and make your final turn left (north) onto the Battery Park Esplanade. You’ll pass the three-mile mark just north on Albany Street and finish on the Esplanade near North Cove.
Oh yeah, here's the map too:


Anonymous said...

SHIT! Give me a break! I can't keep up with your so many blogs!
I asked Crap how does he feel 20 hours before the race and he said: "I FEEL LIKE ALEX". Are you 2 compenetrated or what?

Alex Gonzalez said...

The real problem isn't so much your rebuttal, the real problem is that you have used the word 'compenetrated'.