Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Every so often (and tonight would be one of those moments), I feel beyond good. My legs, especially my left, is a little sore, but all I feel is happy.

Running, to me, requires sacrifice. I have little time on my hands, and like most people my age, I'm either dealing with a career, children, wives, ex-wives, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, etc etc. Get the point? But no matter how much it appears that I must attend to those other "functions" first, I reserve at least an hour of "me" time every chance I get. And I use it to run.

In running, I experience the outdoors. In running, I can feel young again. In running, I challenge myself to be a better person, and to operate better. When I run, I do not feel 41 years old. Sometimes, I feel like I'm that 19 year old boy again, with not a care in the world. Add to this a nice sunset, cool or warm temperatures, and friendly fellow runners in a nice park, and really...what more is there to life than that?

Regardless of how I do in any race, or how I feel on any day, just the fact that I get up every morning should always be a blessing. But when you add to that the fact that I am fortunate enough to have a decent physique that can allow me to run miles several times a week. Well, I am truly grateful.

I have always been extremely competitive, and that's both good and bad. Good, because it helps me to push harder, further, farther. Bad, because one cannot always win or achieve every goal. So, when I fall short of the mark, I can feel let down, if I lose sight of things. However, while I still have my own personal goals in mind, this does not deter me from just plain 'ol enjoying each run I do, regardless of quality or speed. Each jog for me is a new adventure, another disclosure of my will to thrive, a new promise of happiness. And yes, on long runs, those endorphins make it amazing!

Okay, okay. I guess I'm getting overdoing it a little bit. But in a world where most chlidren and adults are neglecting their bodies. If they could just start, even the slightest bit of physical therapy, they would see the benefits of a better balanced and satisfied feeling like I do.
I was a fat pig 4 years ago. And not because of the weight, but in the way that I felt inside.
Running, was my therapy to escape some hard times. And now, running is my therapy for my new life and my overall happy state of mind.

Meanwhile, the races keep on coming. The Long Island Half Marathon is only a few days away. Am I prepared? Never. Running is like painting. The artist is never satisfied with the results. However, I'm not going to pressure myself to do a PR. I've been extra blessed to have had an incredible April (one for my books anyway). I'm just going to out and have fun. I'm going to get my running number at the expo near the Nassau Coliseum this Saturday, followed by taking my kids to see Spiderman 3. My son has been dying to see this movie!

This Sunday's Half-Marathon also marks the 6 month countdown to my "Gotham Goliath". What a way to kick it off. Now that's rich! lol.

In training for my New York Marathon, I might try a different approach this year, and forego having a suggested weekly training guide. It's not that they don't work, it's just that it is too rigid for me to adhere to with my job and my kids, and I tend to really beat myself up if I don't do exactly what the plan suggests. I am compiling however, a list of must-do's and donts for my training. It will be shared once I have completed it.

Time for bed. Waking up at 5am-ish to repeat my run from a few hours ago.

Godspeed to all the runners out there!

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