Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

For April, today was brutal weather-wise. The mercury read 29, but the wind chill was 19. Knowing this, I still continued to fall off the bed (literally), and said hello & goodbye to my kids.
In other words, before logic, and common sense made their way to my brain, I got dressed in my Asics full-body running suit and hit the streets. Today, I was, in a word....a psycho.

So, with a 20+ mph wind, and virtually no one on the streets (BECAUSE IT'S EASTER AND NORMAL PEOPLE ARE DOING OTHER THINGS), I decided to be my normal self: Abnormal. (or Abby-Normal...if you are a Mel Brooks fan).


What a great run!

A sunny, crsip day! No cars on the road! No pedestrians to make you have to run around them like OJ did in the Hertz commercials, back in the 70's (when a cut right, slash left move actually meant running!) I never got tired, and although my left shin started talking a little, I'm already feeling fine as I write this tonight.

Best of all, I followed Edict #42 from the May 2007 Runner's World article "101 Kicks In The Butt". Now I had the rest of the day to enjoy with the kids. I took them to church, a diner for a nice brunch, and before bringing them back to their mom's, I took them to see the Queens Farm Museum. It's just off of Little Neck Parkway, in the Glen Oaks section of Queens. The highlights included a walk-through tour through a colonial house built back in the 1700's. It was narrated by Mister Marty, a really nice old man (old enough perhaps, to be the original homeowner...). Additionally, I tool my kids on a hayride (see video below), and my kids also fed Goats, Sheeps, Pigs, and every other Pink Floyd tune you can think off (umm. well perhaps not goats then).

Hay Ride @ Queens Farm Museum:

Oh yeah, I also saw this:

Which reminds me now to say this:

As I look at the 1000 Mile Club chart, I see that I getting closer to the "Pace Bunny"...

"Hey, Pace Bunny! I am issuing you a warning...

"Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you!"

"I'm onto you, Bunny-Boy. I'm onto you like "white-on-rice". When I first joined your club, I was a nobody, a nothing. You think you are going to outlast me with your daily 2.74 mile trot? Well, don't think you are going to stay ahead of me for too long, cotton ball! Today, Easter, is your biggest day. But while you went out and did your imaginary 2.74 miles, I did another 6.5.

Are we feeling nervous yet, rabbit stew?


Remember those Powerstep Insoles, I purchased the other day? Well, they are good. But they are also a bit too firm. They are definitely not something, that I would want to use, say, for a long run (7+ miles). While my Powersteps do give me the arch I need, they do not provide any cushioning, and even less motion control. Thus, I went to Quantum Athletics on Union Turnpike, and found a pair of Sorbothane Ultra Arch insoles yesterday. This morning was my first run with them, and I can say it was like running on feathers.

I've heard that as people start to age, their arches begin to collapse. Perhaps it's the body's way of saying, "Hey, what else was I supposed to do? You've scoffed down 10,000 bagels, and 5,268* slices of pizza!" (*-Approximate count based on mileage.)

It was because of my flat-footedness, that I had suffered my fractured left tibia back in 2005. A mistake I hope to not repeat (KNOCK ON WOOD!)

In the meantime, I put my Powersteps in my regular workshoes.

While I did not run through Flushing, one of the better songs through my route today was Thin Lizzy - Chinatown. For those who live locally, they would know even better that Flushing has not only a large Chinese population, but even a larger Korean population too. I worked in McDonald's when I was 17, on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. That was in the heart of Flushing, and that was back in 1982. I can assure you that it has changed completely (but the Mickey D's is still there-proving that empty calories have an incredible McStaying Power).

Here it is for you to enjoy (I'm talking 'bout the song, and not the Big Mac):

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