Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Brooklyn Half Marathon:Special Early Morning Edition.

Here we are folks.
The beginning of another race morning.
Want to see what it looks like in my bedroom right now?
Here's a great picture. Please notice the detail below:

This is what it looks like in NY at this time.

Anyway. The morning of a race is usually
all about the same things:

1) How much do I weigh (154, if you're interested)
2) Do I take a crap now, or wait till after my bagel and go to the
heavily-shared, onsite Port-O-San?
3) Do I have all the music I need as fuel in my iPod?
4) Have I packed everything in my Nike gym bag (ie. towel, extra socks, needless amounts of
safety pins for which I will get when I get my running number later on, etc)
5) How to wake up my better half and coax her into coming with me.
6) Coffee. Caffeine. Do I or Don't I?
7) Keep track of my time (in other words....stop blogging and get moving!)
8) Worrying about finding parking near the start line (a race all on its own-and a nice way to get
bent out of shape even before the race begins)
9) How to wake up my better half and coax her into coming with me.
10) Do I take a crap now, or not?
11)Don't forget the directions for getting there.
12) Check the weather. Dress appropriately!
13) Well? Take a crap now or not, already???!!!!!

If there is one thing about my club, the NYRR, that I can't stand is this whole pick up your race number business. I work all the way in Long Island, and there is just no way to be able to make it into uptown Manhattan by 7pm. And when a race is on Saturday (as it is today), it becomes impossible to do this in advance. Therefore, I need to also worry now about getting there earlier, just to get this race number. In this modern era, why can't we just print the damn number off a website or something, huh?! I've asked them of this, but it's just too damn advanced for them to listen (perhaps I just need to become an annual, unlimited race member).

Well, I can't talk much now. I must put all 13 items into motion now. I will report back here with a full breakdown of my breakdown, or my break dance!

Later all!!!

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David "Darth" Gonzalez said...

Nothing like a good huge crapola before anything. 7pm????