Monday, April 16, 2007

111th Running of The Boston Marathon.

Hail to the people of Boston, a great city with generous people and wonderful cultures (not to mention some of the finest Italian food around too!). For not only did the elite running core brave the incredibly difficult weather, but so too did the average Boston commoner!

The first Boston Marathon was held on April 18, 1897. It commemorated the famous 1775 ride of colonial patriot, Paul Revere. It was also inspired by the first modern, Olympic marathon, held just the previous year. Not sure how many ran it then, but there are at least 20,000 runners who, without breaking a sweat can all beat the pants out of me, and they were all on hand today.

The Boston Marathon will someday become my goal, but at my age, I would still need a time of under than 3 hours and 21 minutes to qualify. That's a very stingy 7 minute 40 second pace. If it wasn't tough enough to do an 8:03 per mile this Sunday, I can't even imagine shaving off another 23 seconds for those first thirteen miles, and then.......ANOTHER 13.2 miles at the same pace?!

Nevertheless, it is in my soul to do this, and therefore my will is strong. I just need my legs, heart and lungs to catch up, and most of all, patience. That's all. Oh yes, and NO MORE INJURIES!!

I ran today for 3 miles, and even clocked in a 7:11 during my last mile. Then I ate, and just went back for a second run. I guess reading about these champs today on the Internet have given me even more fervor to continue my hot and sweaty pursuits!

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