Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Round 'n' round like a broken record.

Welcome Back My Friends, To The Has-Been That Never Ends! (running that is)

The mercury reached 77 degrees (nice!) in New York today, so as a rite of spring's first hot day, it was time for me to exert my stinky & nasty all over.

Also, my sister Vanessa (above), hit the big “3-ohhh” today. So, and in recognition of her big day, I decided to run 30 laps around the Forest Park Oval, one for each year of her existence.

Man was it truly was wonderful outside! Just a week ago, we had snow. I think I could have ran forever today. Even after 20 laps, I was doing sprints on the straightaways. Basking in the sun, I easily finished those 30 laps. Still feeling fresh, convinced not to let go of a good moment, I went ahead and did an additional 23 laps for a total of 13 1/4 miles. Round n Round. I think that's an oval broken record for me! I started running at 6pm and by the time I was done, it was dark. Fortunately, most of the soccer balls, darting toddlers, and skateboarding loonies, had already gone home. That made running my last 20 laps even easier than my first 20.

Understandably sore, I took a long, hot bath when I came home. Right now, I am still a little sore, but overall I feel great. I've really had a great streak of running quite a bit this month. In fact, I may break my previous record that I set in September for most miles ran. The secret ingredient is to run at an easy pace, and not push so hard. Of course, it is very difficult to
exercise restraint when you're on an awesome oval.

For dinner all I decided to eat was 1 bag of Orville Light Butter popcorn. That's it. I need to lose more weight, because it allows me to run faster. The TV did not help though. It didn't help hearing on Eyewitness News that researchers are now saying how Pizza is considered a healthy food choice, when whole wheat dough is baked longer. Makes me want to go to Dani's.....Noooooooooooooo! Mussst Ressssissstt!!!!!

Okay, here are pictures of this New York famous pizza house, Dani's....

I am such a masochist!

Anyway, today's run was for my sister. I plan to do the same thing on April 9th, when my father has his birthday (When I do, I guess I will have to be running all night....heeheehee).

Tomorrow will be a light day for sure. No more than 3 miles!

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